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what is your hope for the church?

Share Your Hope for the Church

"I want the church to be a place where everyone feels welcome." "I pray that the church and its leaders are spiritually healthy and Christ-like." "I wish my neighbors thought Christians were compassionate and caring."

What Is Your Hope for the Church?

Church leaders share what they hope the church will be known for, rather than what it's against.

Tell us. What would you add?

Through this campaign, we hope the Church is inspired by what you and others are willing to share—to remind us of what the Church is for rather than what it's against.

As a global media ministry we also pray that the content we create inspires you as you hope and seek to be used by God as a counterculture for the common good.

Your Hope for the Church

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Mesfin T

Silver Spring, MD

To equip believers for today challenge, that way believers can defend their faith by articulating why we Believe What We Believe. We need Chriist (Gospel)centered GODDLY leaders.


Warren, MI

My hope is that the church would long for and be filled with the nature and wisdom of Christ so that we could all be effectual in advancing the kingdom of God. May we be found faithful at His coming.

Joseph Wright

Littleton, CO, USA

A vibrant fellowship speaking out in love and being God's salt & light in our needy society.

Renee' Ford

Temple Baptist Church | HATTIESBURG, MS, USA

That the world will see us as the hands and feet of Jesus.



My hope for the Church is that it loves and follows its head Jesus Christ, and not the latest fads and fashions. I also hope that it understands and preaches that Christianity is about humility and sacrificial service.

Vicki Haro

Triumphant Believers Center | Merced, CA, USA

My hope for the Church is for it to grow in the Word of God and make a commitment to be obedient to everything in the Word. Also, that the Church would reach out more to the lost and dying world through the love of God.

Gayle Sephton

Cornerstone Community Church | Lake Elsinore, CA, USA

I hope the Church in America Stays Strong, and that the country turns back to the Lord.


United Methodist Church | IA

My hope for the church is that it become a stronger body of Christ in order to make others say, "I want what these Christians in the church have! How do I get it?" In so doing, I pray these outsiders will voluntarily be drawn to the church and be accepted for who they are, welcomed in as new members read more >

Murray Morello

Grassroots Parish Ecumenism in Prince of Peace Church | Toronto, Canada

Hi Dear Folks, My Spiritual Equation says it all; not only for Christians but for all of Humanity. It's the WHOLE Gospel of Jesus Christ. JUSTICE (not just-us) + FORGIVENESS --------> PEACE This is really tough to grasp for many of us. As a Chemist we often need read more >

George Alexander

Mount Mourne Church of God | Belmont, NC, USA

My hope for the Church is that we would stay in unity with true love towards all. Jn 13:35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Tom Fowler

First Presbyterian Church Arlington , TX | Arlington, TX, USA

To become more missional in the community and the World.

Kendra Rice

Moose Jaw First Baptist Church | Moose Jaw, Canada

My hope for the Church is that we would be united in the Spirit of Christ and of Peace to reach out in love to our Communities. That we truly would be the light of Christ that draws people in. That we would be rid of our fears and step out in faith and boldness to preach the gospel in truth, love, a read more >

John Roush

Fremont First Presbyterian Church | Fremont, OH, USA

My hope for the Church is that the presence of Jesus Christ would be clearly evident in all aspects of the Church and would draw the lost to Himself and the Church.

Fred Keefer

Thorndale, TX, USA

My hope for the church is that more church leaders will instill the importance of saving sex for the marriage bed. Our younger generations need to KNOW that sex outside of the marriage will harm them in the future whether it is through physical pain, sham or guilt.

Alphonse Upson

Bridges Church | Winston-Salem, NC, USA

My hope is that the Church will experience true revival, die to laziness, apathy, self-centeredness and materialism, and return whole-heartedly in the power of the Holy Spirit to the original works that God put us here for, being lights, evangelists, ambassadors, soldiers, and, if need be, even ma read more >

Grace Ramah

Word of Grace Church | MA, USA

My hope for the church to stand as one healthy functioning body whom's head is The King of kings our Lord Jesus Christ and feets stands on the Rock Jesus Christ,walking with the full Gospel, a church fed of the word of God, a church that have a heart after God,seeking his face permanently, a church read more >

Michele Combs

Crossroads Christian Church | Newburgh, IN, USA

That all hypocrosy will cease in the local churches so that people can feel safe, cared for and loved there.

Lisa McElhinny

Lancaster, NY, USA

My Hope for the Church is just that, that Jesus, Hope of Glory, would obviously shine in, through, and for all who need to experience more of His Presence and His Spirit in their lives, which is all of us on a daily basis, some of us being needier than others in different ways at different times in read more >

vickie greenaway

Gloucester, MA, USA

My hope for the church is that instead of people going to doctors for ailments they will come to the church for prayer and faith believing God can heal them or give them peace through their difficult time. My hope is for boldness in the church, so often you see people at doctors or coffee shop readi read more >

Vaughn Akins

Austin, TX, USA

That it will teach the accuracy, literalness, infaliability and applicability (in context) of the Bible as given to us by the God who, eternally, is God.

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