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Andy Crouch, author of Culture Making and executive producer of Christianity Today's This Is Our City project, has been named Christianity Today's new executive editor. He says his new responsibilities will include "paying attention to the big picture, and asking big questions about who are we serving, how well are we serving them, and how we earn readers' trust."

Crouch, who has directed several projects at Christianity Today since joining the ministry in 2005, was previously a campus minister at Harvard University and is a sought-after speaker on university campuses and to organizational leaders.

Meet Andy as he shares why it's a journalist's job to tell the truth.

Meet Andy Crouch, Christianity Today's New Executive Editor

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Express you own opinion only

November 12, 2016  3:04pm

Thank you for your ever elite opinion about those Evangelicals who voted for Trump. You do not speak for MILLIONS of American Evangelicals so write pieces that reflect your own opinion only. Oh, where is the criticism of the Christian left in voting for Clinton. Make no mistake, there were more Evangelicals that voted for Trump than in many years. I think Trump is disgusting but I think Clinton is appalling. You do not speak for me or MILLIONS of others. Keep this in mind, sir.

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Louise waters

October 23, 2016  9:02am

Oh my goodness we really need someone like you to the be the accusor of the betheren. What about you are you without sin? What gives you the right to throw stones at anyone else. You instead attack Mr Trump and insult us Christians with your negative conclusions. It is disgusting. You do more to crush Christianity than build it up. Shame on you. It is articles like this that sets Christianity back. I am a Christian in a family of non-christians and my own daughter slammed your article back at me like it was proof that Christianity can not be trusted we are the bad guys. HOW DARE YOU. YOU'RE AN INSULT TO WHAT CHRISTIANITY IS ALL ABOUT. ACCUSOR OF THE BRETHERN. I DOUBT THAT YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN AT ALL you attack Trump however according to James Dobson he recently became a Christian so he is a baby Christian and you attack him? What kind of person are you anyway? He is a lot better choice that Clinton her idol is the SATANIC book Rules for Radicals.

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Wayne Gregersen

October 19, 2016  12:41pm

To speak to Mr. Falwell and his followers in his own language he has become an idol worshiper. He is worshiping the Golden Calf. He is worshiping a political agenda versus the bible and the teaching of Jesus Christ. Trump is not any kind of Christian, from liberal to fundamentalist. He does not follow Jesus in any way, shape or form. His personal life is in no way consistent with Christian teaching. He has never done anything to help the least among us. He gives nothing to the Church. He is a secular man who does not even have humanist values. He is 70 and has given nothing back from all he has taken. He is an amoral man who is driven by greed and lust and power. How a Christian leader can support him is just exasperating

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October 16, 2016  7:07am

It would seem your article attacking the "ills" of Mr. Trump falls far short of being representative of the choice we as believers have. The evil actions of HRC are far more severe than anything DT has said or done, unless you consider Margaret Sanger and Robert Byrd as stellar representatives of people whome we should model our lives upon, as has HRC.

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Earthen Vessel

October 15, 2016  11:15pm

CHRISTIANITY TODAY has its origin in a deepfelt desire to express historical Christianity to the present generation. Neglected, slighted, misrepresented—evangelical Christianity needs a clear voice, to speak with conviction and love, and to state its true position and its relevance to the world crisis. A generation has grown up unaware of the basic truths of the Christian faith taught in the Scriptures and expressed in the creeds of the historic evangelical churches. Theological Liberalism has failed to meet the moral and spiritual needs of the people. Neither the man on the street nor the intellectual is today much attracted by its preaching and theology. All too frequently, it finds itself adrift in speculation that neither solves the problem of the individual nor of the society of which he is a part. For the preacher, an unending source of wisdom and power lies in a return to truly biblical preaching. For the layman, this same Book will prove to be light on the pathway of life, the record of the One Who alone meets our needs for now and for eternity. Christianity Today is confident that the answer to the theological confusion existing in the world is found in Christ and the Scriptures. There is evidence that more and more people are rediscovering the Word of God as their source of authority and power. Many of these searchers for the truth are unaware of the existence of an increasing group of evangelical scholars throughout the world. Through the pages of Christianity Today these men will expound and defend the basic truths of the Christian faith in terms of reverent scholarship and of practical application to the needs of the present generation.................. http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/1956/oc tober-15/

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