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Andy Crouch, author of Culture Making and executive producer of Christianity Today's This Is Our City project, has been named Christianity Today's new executive editor. He says his new responsibilities will include "paying attention to the big picture, and asking big questions about who are we serving, how well are we serving them, and how we earn readers' trust."

Crouch, who has directed several projects at Christianity Today since joining the ministry in 2005, was previously a campus minister at Harvard University and is a sought-after speaker on university campuses and to organizational leaders.

Meet Andy as he shares why it's a journalist's job to tell the truth.

Meet Andy Crouch, Christianity Today's New Executive Editor

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Phil Sheridan (genphils@gmail.com)

April 14, 2016  8:30pm

Hello Andy, Here is an excerpt from Enduring Word about Jesus seeing his reflection in us: b. He is like a refiner’s fire and like launderer’s soap: The coming of this second Messenger will be awesome and terrible, but with a purpose. Both the launderer and the refiner work to clean, not to destroy. i. He will sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver: “The beauty of this picture is that the refiner looks into the open furnace, or pot, and knows that the process of purifying is complete, and the dross all burnt away, when he can see his image plainly reflected in the molten metal.” (Baldwin) ii. “If any of you, my hearers, are seeking the Lord at this time, I want you to understand what it means: you are seeking a fire which will test you, and consume much which has been dear to you. We are not to expect Christ to come and save us in our sins, he will come and save us from our sins; therefore, if yon are enabled by faith to take Christ as a Savior, remember that you take him as the

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Bob Harris

February 07, 2014  11:39am

I really appreciate the VISION and the organizational method Christianity Today is using in moving forward with leadership, servanthood, trust, team and Truth. What a challenge !! From what I know of Andy and having watched him over the years (from a distance after we worked side by side for several summers) he is anointed for this role. This is confirmed for me in two things: He is a continuing/lifelong learner, and he is grounded in the Scripture and the Living Word the Scripture reveals. Robert L. Harris, Ph.D., President The Disciples College www.thedisciplescollege.org www.transformingthechurch.org www.th ecollaborative.info

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Chi Chang

December 07, 2012  6:58pm

Dear Andy: "It's a journalist's job to tell the truth" is a great idea. A major concern to many Christians is that your cover stories, June-July/2011 and August/2012 on the origins debate, appear biasing for evolutionary creation. Basically, evolution is a hypothesis with circumstantial evidences and spectulations that are scientifically nonprovable and loaded with circular reasoning, but was accepted as facts or truth by many and the culture. CT should not compromise truth with "political correctness"; especially, on the origins debate because of great implications in the interpretation of Scripture and theology. As an experienced and concerned scientist, I submitted on Nov/27 a manuscript of scientific discussion with recent findings to address your cover stories and general flaws with evolution. Unfortunately, my manuscript was rejected by the CT reviewer. Hopefully, CT as a leading evangelic Christian magazine would not censor views/facts countering evolution.

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