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We're listening.

Your honest, unfiltered thoughts and contributions to the "Hope for the Church" campaign are inspiring and we're honored that you would share.

In the first few weeks, over 400 individuals have shared their hopes and prayers on ChristianityToday.org. Themes of love, acceptance, renewed vision, discipleship, biblical commitment and truth have emerged—and that's only the beginning. There's still time for others to contribute, be inspired, and then act to renew lives and cultures through Christ and his church.

Here are just a few of the contributions:

"My hope is that people will be drawn to the church because it is different, not because it is the same as the world."
"I'd like to see the church argue less about our faith and redirect that energy into serving marginalized men and women."
"I long for the church to become a place where everyone feels welcome. Where anyone can walk into a church or up to a Christian and find acceptance."

This campaign was designed because it's important to consistently engage each other as we seek to more closely align with Christ's plan for the church. Thank you for helping us showcase the hopes and passions Christ has given to those that care about his church. And a special thank you to several church and ministry leaders who've collaborated on and helped us launch this campaign:

Campaign Bloggers and Media

  • Zack Hunt—Blogger at The American Jesus and pastor in Cordova, Tennessee
  • Trevor Lee—Blogger and pastor of Mountair Christian Church in Denver, Colorado
  • David McDowell—Senior Pastor of the Community Fellowship Church of West Chicago, Illinois
  • Paul Pastor—Blogs about faith, culture and intentional living at Sparks and Ashes
  • Kara Powell - Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute and a faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Caryn Rivadeneira—Author of Mama's Got a Fake I.D. and regular contributor to Kyria, Gifted for Leadership and the Her.Meneutics blog.
  • Melinda Schmidt—Co-host of the award-winning Midday Connection radio broadcast
  • David Swanson - Pastor of New Community Covenant Church in Chicago's historic Bronzeville neighborhood
  • InterVarsity USA and Adam Jeske - A vibrant campus ministry that establishes and advances witnessing communities of students and faculty
  • ManagingYourChurch.comA blog from Christianity Today that helps churches stay safe, legal, and financially sound
  • Kyria.comA blog for thoughtful, influential women who want more from their faith and who want to make a difference in the lives of others
  • Moody Radio's Midday ConnectionListen live to an entire program dedicated to Hope for the Church

Campaign Supporters and Partners

  • Paco Amador—Pastor at New Life, Little Village in Chicago, Illinois
  • Nate Clarke—Documentary filmmaker and Video Director at Christianity Today
  • Andy Crouch—Author of Culture Making and Executive Producer, This Is Our City
  • Chris Ellerman—President, Outreach Community Ministries in Wheaton, Illinois


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