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The True, the Good, and the BeautifulInside the Ministry

The True, the Good, and the Beautiful

An interview with Christianity Today's editor in chief, Mark Galli

Billy Graham founded Christianity Today magazine nearly 60 years ago, and the ministry now has over ...

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A New Vision for Adoption in AfricaInside the Ministry

A New Vision for Adoption in Africa

How can we really make a difference in the lives of orphans?

I couldn't help but stare at the closet in front of me. As I peered in I saw the clothes neatly organized. ...

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Viewing Animals Helps Us MarvelInside the Ministry

Viewing Animals Helps Us Marvel

The Behemoth editor explains his passion for the zoo

Ted Olsen is editor of The Behemoth, a new magazine that aims to help people behold the glory of ...

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Helping Churches Stay Financially HealthyInside the Ministry

Helping Churches Stay Financially Healthy

Christianity Today's new book offers church leaders key information on financial administration

The vision of Christianity Today is "the church grown up into the fullness of Christ," ...

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Beautiful Orthodoxy: The Back StoryInside the Ministry

Beautiful Orthodoxy: The Back Story

An interview with Christianity Today's President and CEO, Harold Smith.

Several months ago I sat in a large room filled with 80-or-so CT staffers. As I swirled spaghetti ...

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Christianity Today's Beautiful OrthodoxyInside the Ministry

Christianity Today's Beautiful Orthodoxy

Our ministry cause that sets us apart

Don't like what someone says? Write a rant about how stupid he is. Think a coach is doing a bad ...

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The Best of Christianity Today - 2014 EditionInside the Ministry

The Best of Christianity Today - 2014 Edition

Our ministry's most popular content throughout the year

Each year many of our ministry brands provide a wrap-up to show readers the best content throughout ...

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2014 In ReviewInside the Ministry

2014 In Review

Slideshow: Christianity Today staff gatherings through the year

Christianity Today had an eventful year at our offices in Carol Stream, Illinois. From our monthly staff ...

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Today's Christian Woman in 2014Inside the Ministry

Today's Christian Woman in 2014

How the 'gutsy and honest' magazine had a stellar year.

Last year, the team at Today's Christian Woman decided to take some risks. They made changes to the ...

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Flourishing in PhoenixWhat People Are Saying

Flourishing in Phoenix

Timothy Høiland shares how This Is Our City gave him a vision that became a reality.

It has been two years since Christianity Today's This Is Our City launched in Phoenix, Arizona, ...

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