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In my role as Web Designer and Developer at Christianity Today, I had the privilege of traveling to India in July 2011 to work and partner with Global Pueblo Solutions in developing a website for our ministry. The trip allowed me to do hands-on training in CT's proprietary system and I enjoyed getting to know the team members on a personal level. We still talk about the trips we took, the volleyball we played, and the food we ate together! They have become an integral part of our information technology team and we continue to work with them in developing many areas of our web presence.

Although most of my time was spent in the Chandigarh area, I was able to visit various places of worship, ancient ruins, famous tombs, bustling markets, and what became my favorite place, the Taj Mahal. I was welcomed with abundant warmth and hospitality. And I would be remiss if I did not mention the fantastic food! India is to be experienced with all of one's senses!

The following photographs illustrate in small part this land rich in color, history, and diversity, and are representative of the experiences which have left a lasting impression on me.

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