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Even as we anticipate the Resurrection high point of our church calendar, several of the Christianity Today staff are still relishing the impact of resurrection power on the men, women, and children who call Richmond, Virginia home.

Just last week, some 200 of these culture-makers gathered with our "This Is Our City" team to share—and experience—stories of the Gospel's transforming power as it permeates all spheres of their urban lives.

For those of you who may not be aware, "This Is Our City" is an exciting three-year, multi-media initiative from the editors of Christianity Today that looks at how believers are creatively expressing Christ to the betterment of their urban communities.

Richmond is the second city getting our This Is Our City team's focus (city number one was Portland, Oregon); with stories of several of that city's "game-changers" highlighted in the April issue of CT and on the This Is Our City site. Be sure to check both out and be encouraged—and genuinely inspired!

(And for the record, the team behind the Richmond roll-out are: initiative creator and lead driver Andy Crouch, editorial director Katelyn Beaty, video and project director Nathan Clarke, social marketer and networker Christy Tennant, story developer and up-front guy Skye Jethani, and executive overseer, Vicki Howard. )

I attended the first This Is Our City "premiere" event in Portland, Oregon, last fall, and count that evening as one of the ministry highlights of my 28 years at Christianity Today! I'm pleased to say that my youngest, adult son Kevin traveled with me to this event; and we together felt the very palpable presence of God as his people celebrated his goodness on behalf of their city.

I'm told that his amazing grace and power were very much present last week as well.

Needless to say, perhaps, but we're all pleased and humbled to think that God is using Christianity Today as a channel for bringing like-minded saints together; giving them an opportunity to tell their stories of challenge and grace, and to celebrate the wonder of transformational faith.

But then, in some form or another, CT's been doing that for 56 years and counting—through print, the web, video, and now these exciting events.

From Richmond, Lord willing, we'll be turning our attentions to Phoenix. And with that, I'd ask you to join us in praying for our efforts there. Would God direct us to the right people, the right stories, and the right demonstrations of grace that he wishes to have showcased for his honor and glory alone.

And to each of you, would the celebration of our Lord's death and resurrection bring both pause and a renewed purpose to your life as you prayerfully seek to be a counterculture for the common good in your neighborhood, community, or city.

He is risen, indeed!

Harold Smith

President and CEO

Follow me on Twitter @HaroldSmithCT

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