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For almost ten years, I've had the privilege of working with ChristianBibleStudies.com—a site offering over 1,000 downloadable Bible studies for use in small groups, Sunday school classes, or for personal devotions. Since these studies can be downloaded directly to your computer, they're accessible to people in other countries. This has given me many opportunities to interact with study users around the world—a very rewarding part of my job as managing editor.

A pastor in Liberia has used our Bible studies to start a discipleship program in the churches he oversees. Seeking to become grounded in his faith, a new Christian from India downloaded some of our studies. He also asked for prayer in overcoming struggles from his past. A woman from Switzerland has used our studies as a form of outreach to fellow employees. A missionary from Sierra Leone uses our studies for new believers to disciple those he leads to Christ. A woman from Guyana finds our studies extremely helpful on the mission field. But most rewarding has been my interaction with a woman from Pakistan.

She found our website through our Facebook page and began to correspond with me, asking questions about how to share Christ with her Muslim friends. She is a fairly new Christian and is growing like crazy as she devours the Scriptures and studies them intently. Through our easily accessible Bible studies, we've been able to help her grow spiritually. But she is stumped at times in how to communicate Christian truth to her friends who argue vehemently against Christianity. And, I'll tell you, I've been stumped a few times too! My friendship with her, which has stretched over two years so far, has sharpened my own evangelistic skills as I've had to think through some pretty thorny issues.

The first question she ever asked me focused on an obscure passage from the Song of Solomon. Her Muslim friends had pulled the passage out of context, claiming it was a prophecy of Muhammad. That began a long process of teaching her about the different kinds of literature in the Bible and the importance of interpreting Scripture in its context. After about 20 back-and-forth e-mails, the light broke through and she began to understand. It was such a joy to see her "get it."

Her Muslim friends then began attacking the reliability of the Christian Scriptures. ChristianBibleStudies.com has several Bible studies that helped her sort out this all-important issue. And after another long string of e-mails, she began to find confidence not only in defending her faith to her friends but in her own sense of certainty in the Bible.

Our latest string of e-mail correspondence has been on miracles. Providentially, Tim Stafford had recently written a Christianity Today article on this topic, which we used as a basis for a Bible study called The Meaning of Miracles. Stan Guthrie, who wrote this Bible study, compared Stafford's findings with God's Word and created an interesting discussion on this subject. I had those thoughts fresh in my mind as I attempted to answer my Pakistani friend's questions.

I don't know what she'll ask next, or what section of the world I'll hear from tomorrow. But I'm grateful to be part of a ministry that has such broad impact in so many areas of the globe.

JoHannah Reardon is the managing editor of ChristianBibleStudies.com. She blogs at www.johannahreardon.com and is the author of seven novels and a family devotional guide.

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