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Based on Christianity Today's This Is Our City coverage in Richmond last year, one of the men featured is leading a new conference this month, Common Good RVA, that'll explore how to connect your vocation as a meaningful part of your Christian calling. Christianity Today is excited to be a lead sponsor for the conference.

Corey Widmer, previously featured in The New School Choice Agenda, says, "As a pastor, I'm personally convinced that if Richmond is to better reflect the coming Kingdom of God, it will not be mainly through the church creating better programs, but through ordinary Christians, in every sphere of work in our city, approaching their vocations as those called to ministry and mission, for the glory of God and for the sake of the common good."

Andy Crouch, Executive Editor of Christianity Today, will be a plenary speaker at the conference, and Nate Clarke, CT's Video Director, is leading a track on media and story.

To learn more about Common Good RVA, visit the conference website, read Corey's recent This Is Our City post on the conference, or watch the trailer below.

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