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Cornerstone Church Auburn, AlabamaQuotes

Scott Fillmer: 'The Behemoth' Is Important For Our Time

The Behemoth taking on just the task of talking about wonder, the mystery, being awestruck over God, is so important for our time. We are on the cusp of making God's Word only about the numbers and facts, completely missing its beauty.


Vonna Laue: 'Church Law and Tax' Provides Needed Leadership

The environment for churches today is more sophisticated than ever. Leadership is required to understand and comply with an extensive amount of legislation and regulation. It can be difficult to keep up, and the work of Church Law and Tax provides the needed support to help churches understand the day-to-day implications.

Vice President of Development Hope InternationalQuotes

Chris Horst: CT Engages Even Among Those Who Disagree

CT isn't unique because it does really heartwarming stories, but it's the institution's coherent moral and spiritual framework that draws people in. Even if individuals disagree with CT's orthodoxy, they can engage with it because they know where the institution is and that's really compelling.

Senior Pastor Tenth Church, Vancouver, BCQuotes

Ken Shigematsu: 'Preaching Today' Makes Me a Better Pastor

Preaching Today helps make me a better pastor -that is, a better preacher—which helps to enhance my overall pastoral and leadership ministry. The editors at Preaching Today obviously have an eye for quality, and so I know that every time I visit I'll find fresh, relevant material.

Author and co-founder of Authentic IntimacyQuotes

Juli Slattery: 'Today's Christian Woman' Delves Into the Messiness

I appreciate that Today's Christian Woman doesn't change at all on the biblical perspective. But in the same vein, you want to talk about the questions women really have. You don't like nice, neat answers; you want to delve into the messiness of what it looks like to live a Christian life.

Retired pastor and long-time Christianity Today board chairQuotes

John Huffman: The Influence of Christianity Today

I think Christianity Today's influence is much bigger today than founder Billy Graham ever dreamt it would be. It continues to present an irenic, gracious, and faithful commitment to the authority of scripture, ministry, and to impacting public life in what we now refer to as "Beautiful Orthodoxy."

Priest, Anglican Church in North America and InterVarsity staff memberQuotes

Tish Harrison Warren: Christianity Today's Unique Calling

Christianity Today is a critical institution that's brought both unity and vision to this weird, disparate world of evangelicalism. We don't have many institutions who are intentionally doing that. That's a particular gift and calling that CT has.

Timothy Høiland, Editor, Flourish PhoenixQuotes

Timothy Høiland: Christianity Today Tells Stories Worth Telling

I learned through Christianity Today's This Is Our City that there are countless "common good stories" in any city, and that they're worth telling despite the challenges inherent in doing so. I continue to benefit from reading the thoughtful content that CT publishes on issues related to living faithfully in all areas of life, wherever God has called us.

Eric Miller, Associate Professor of History, Geneva College, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Quotes

Eric Miller: Books & Culture Is a Gift to the Christian Community

In featuring a wide range of topics addressed by writers both diverse in viewpoint and unified in spirit, Books & Culture pulls off a challenging feat. The ability to publish essays that are both specialized and accessible is an enormous gift to the Christian community.

Eric Miller, Associate Professor of History, Geneva College, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Quotes

Eric Miller: Books & Culture Helps Us See the Reality of God

Books & Culture reminds me what my faith is: what it means, how it might yet look. By taking me in and out of so many cultural spheres, geographical locations, and thematic concerns, it helps me to see and feel the reality of a triune God graciously giving us life, one who abides with us and who is working all things out for his high and holy ends. The scope and vision of the kingdom itself come clearly into view, issue by issue.

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