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Scott HammondQuotes

Scott Hammond: Men of Integrity Challenges Me to Be Obedient

As I read Men of Integrity, I realize that I am simply being asked to be obedient and walk through the door that God has opened.

Shane Pike, Tech entrepreneur, Cumming, CAQuotes

Shane Pike: CT Gives a Wide Perspective on the Church

Christianity Today gave me a much wider perspective on the church than you could get from any other religious tradition.

Claude Alexander, Senior Pastor, The Park Ministries, Charlotte, NCQuotes

Claude Alexander: Christianity Today Takes the Lead

Christianity Today is helping to set a standard towards which others may aspire and by which others will be measured. It's taking the lead in helping to answer Jesus' prayer in John 17:21, ' … that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.'

Sharon Mumper, President, Magazine Training International, Colorado Springs, COQuotes

Sharon Mumper: Christianity Today Sets a High Standard

Christianity Today has always been a leader in the US industry, setting a high standard for other magazines in editorial and design quality. Their professionalism, research and approach to publishing has rubbed off on the rest of the industry.

Mike Oldham, Tech Industry Executive, Seattle, WAQuotes

Mike Oldham: CT Is Relevant and Biblical

CT is bringing out what is relevant but it's staying biblical and not compromising. I like, for instance, the testimonies section that is at the end of each issue. I read that section first. It's a powerful section.

John Sommerville, Senior Pastor, City Church, Minneapolis, MNQuotes

John Sommerville: CT's Voice in Evangelicalism

I really look to Christianity Today for an irenic, balanced, historically and theologically grounded voice as something valuable in evangelicalism.

John Sommerville, Senior Pastor, City Church, Minneapolis, MNQuotes

John Sommerville: CT's Church Resources Are Invaluable

I really value the ministry of Christianity Today as a whole—truly. I read CT magazine. As a pastor, I use resources like PreachingToday.com and Church Law & Tax. Church Finance Today and Church Law & Tax Report are both things our church uses. We pass those on to our church board. Those resources are really invaluable to us in terms of managing the church.

Scott Fillmer, Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Auburn, ALQuotes

Scott Fillmer: 'The Behemoth' Is Important For Our Time

The Behemoth taking on just the task of talking about wonder, the mystery, being awestruck over God, is so important for our time. We are on the cusp of making God's Word only about the numbers and facts, completely missing its beauty.

Vonna Laue, CPA, Brea, CAQuotes

Vonna Laue: 'Church Law and Tax' Provides Needed Leadership

The environment for churches today is more sophisticated than ever. Leadership is required to understand and comply with an extensive amount of legislation and regulation. It can be difficult to keep up, and the work of Church Law and Tax provides the needed support to help churches understand the day-to-day implications.

Chris Horst, Vice President of Development, Hope International, Denver, COQuotes

Chris Horst: CT Engages Even Among Those Who Disagree

CT isn't unique because it does really heartwarming stories, but it's the institution's coherent moral and spiritual framework that draws people in. Even if individuals disagree with CT's orthodoxy, they can engage with it because they know where the institution is and that's really compelling.

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