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"Christianity Today provides a place where Christians can come together and model civility and speak the truth with both conviction and love."
Harold Smith

Harold Smith

President and CEO, Christianity Today

The Civil Conversation at Christianity Today

Featuring Samuel Rodriguez, Harold Smith, Claude Alexander, Kara Powell, and Scot McKnight

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Greg Metzger

December 16, 2011  8:43am

Prompted in part by CT's decision to present Samuel Rodriguez as a spokesman for civility and the future of Christianity Today, I have written this piece. http://www.talk2action.org/story/2011/12/16/992/20367/Front_Page/ Is_THIS_the_New_Evangelical_Center_

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Greg Metzger

December 16, 2011  12:41am

Samuel Rodriguez says, in this video that he proudly put up at You Tube, that those who do not believe in "the prophetic, the rhema word, the spiritual authority"--in other words are not hip to the neo Pentecostal extreme--are like those in the Old Testament who mistreated and took away the Ark of Glory. And it didn't just slip out of his mouth carelessly. It was the whole point of this section of the video. He is not a charitable presenter of his beliefs and he does not respectfully present the beliefs of other Christians, not to mention people of other non Christian faiths. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JA9410wI8E&feature=related

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Bruce E. Wilson

December 14, 2011  6:48pm

"We have radical Muslims. Radical homosexuals. Radical abortionists. We need radical, born again, spirit filled Christians to arise ! Do you follow me ? We don't need any sissy Christians, Oprah Winfrey Christians. We need prophetic, devil stomping, demon rebuking, blood washed, Bible believing, free-from-sin Christians !" - Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, November 19, 2006

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Steve DelCastillo

July 12, 2011  9:47am

The presentation provided an insightful approach to viewing Christianity and the idea that within the Christian community there can be a diversity of ideas. Most importantly we can share these ideas in ways that enrich w/o antagonizing our fellow Christians. After all, didn't Jesus assemble a diverse group---all heard the same message but at times interpreted it differently. Thank you for providing this typel of forum. I look forward to future discussions. President, Multicultural Leadership Center

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