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What People Are Saying

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Laura LeonardWhat People Are Saying

Flourishing in Phoenix

Timothy Høiland shares how This Is Our City gave him a vision that became a reality.

Eric MillerWhat People Are Saying

Love at First Sight

Eric Miller, 'Books & Culture' devotee and writer, talks about the life-shaping magazine.

Laura LeonardWhat People Are Saying

The Article That Changed Everything

How a Christianity Today article turned Paul Robinson's porn addiction into a ministry opportunity.

Kate ShellnuttWhat People Are Saying

The Ultimate Christian News Link List

Blogger Paul Wilkinson brings the best of the blogosphere to PARSE.

Michelle Van LoonWhat People Are Saying

Following Christ into the Classroom at Midlife

How CT helped lead to my belated back-to-school adventure.

Amy JacksonWhat People Are Saying

Supporting Ministry Leaders in Kingdom Work

Why SmallGroups.com is a staple for Carolyn Taketa's ministry

Interview by Ashley MooreWhat People Are Saying

Loving the 26 Percent

Amy Simpson is calling the church to love the 26 percent of Americans diagnosed with a mental illness—starting with her mother.

Catherine NewhouseWhat People Are Saying

Growing in Faith and Craft

How a rejection letter from Christianity Today led me on the journey of becoming a professional Christian journalist.

JoHannah ReardonWhat People Are Saying

BuildingChurchLeaders.com: Tracks to Run On

Providing practical help for church leaders everywhere

Displaying 21–30 of 34
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