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Contact: Sandra Hoekstra-Lower
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Carol Stream, IL July 9, 2012—Child sexual abuse remains the number one legal liability for churches, according to an annual examination of church law suits by Richard Hammar, a leading expert in church law. Church board members especially need to know how to protect their churches from this risk. A new series of eBooks published by Christianity Today's Church Management division addresses this and many other critical risks, specifically focusing on what church board members need to know.

The Essential Guide series for church board members covers key topics related to managing risk, liabilities and duties, employment issues, and money. These new resources are readable on virtually any of today's popular e-readers, including the Nook, Kindle, and iPad (read here for more details about file formats). EBooks provide the convenience of being easy to download and use, and you can take them wherever you go. (If you don't have an eReader but would like to download these resources in eBook format, you can download free eBook reader software to your personal computer.)

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