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Carol Stream, IL February 17, 2012 — Christianity Today International, the nonprofit organization that serves over 2.5 million readers every month through award-winning content in publications and web resources such as Christianity Today magazine and Leadership Journal, has rebranded as Christianity Today—a global media ministry.

The rebranding, which includes a new visual identity and the launch of a new ministry website, ChristianityToday.org, reflects the powerful history of the flagship magazine, Christianity Today, and creates a clear connecting point for all of the ministry's brands.

"We pray that the biblical, balanced, and thoughtful content we strive to create in all of our resources inspires and mobilizes the church and its leaders," says Harold Smith, President and CEO of Christianity Today. "When Christianity Today magazine was first published in 1956, print was our only option. However, with today's technology, we serve millions of Christians every month through a variety of digital, mobile and print platforms. Therefore, a new identity and new initiatives focused on the future of the global church are necessary to accurately reflect the depth and breadth of Christianity Today as a ministry."

With the rebranding, readers and friends of Christianity Today can expect the same powerful content from their favorite publications and resources, as well as other opportunities to engage with the ministry through two new initiatives Smith references:

This Is Our City: The three-year multimedia project "This Is Our City" focuses on six diverse metropolitan areas throughout the United States, giving a comprehensive picture of cultural renewal in business, government, public health, education and the arts by Christians who are shaping American society in creative, dynamic and sacrificial ways. The project includes a social platform for stories of cultural investment driven by Christian commitment.
Global Gospel Project: Christianity Today's "Global Gospel Project" is a multi-year, multimedia initiative that will provide the 21st century evangelical church with compelling ways and means of re-engaging the great doctrines of the church so that men and women will more deeply grasp, in both mind and heart, the astounding love of God in Jesus Christ. This in turn will not only ground them more securely in their faith, but also energize them to share the gospel in word and deed ever more faithfully in the world.

For more information or interview requests regarding Christianity Today's rebranding and new initiatives, contact Cory Whitehead, Director of Brand and Digital Marketing, at cwhitehead@christianitytoday.com or 630-260-6200 x4220.

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Christianity Today is a nonprofit, global media ministry that serves the church through digital and print publications, as well as practical and accessible web resources that together reach more than 2.5 million people every month.

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July 01, 2012  6:55am

hi i am waleed i live in afghanista its two years i am christian i hate islam and muslims in every country its war among muslims i need help my life is not secure anymore in afghanistan i need

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Peter Vadala

March 22, 2012  10:06am

The content has changed for the worse. From the spiritual quality of the articles, Christianity Today's online ministry has generally lost its Christian identity. Namely, the editorials have come to attack Christian values and embrace a more secular "social gospel" with Christianese window dressing. While some of the articles provide some interesting observations about the state of the church, they are just that, interesting, like the secular media outlet's tales. Christianity Today has chosen to publicize an unknown movie which seeks to turn Christians into post modern moral relativists, and has chosen to demonize Christian political donors. Such is not a problem that can be rectified by mere editorial coaching, but rather, it indicates a larger, disturbing spiritual trend at Christianity today that much prayer, and perhaps some turnover, can solve. ChristianityToday ironically can no longer be considered a Christian ministry unless these critical issues are prayerfully resolved.


March 07, 2012  10:58pm

I'd love to see Christianity Today launch as a "global media ministry". But if want this they need to take their initiatives further than the USA. The "This is our city" project shows clearly that the focus will continue to be on the US. Maybe they need to base some of their offices in other countries and actively recruit writers and commission stories from around the world.

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