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Carol Stream, IL December 18, 2012 – Congress enacted new tax laws in 2012 that include provisions of direct relevance to churches and pastors. Several of the most important changes and clarifications are summarized in the January/February issue of Church Law & Tax Report and will assist ministers and churches in correctly preparing tax forms and returns for 2012. Some of the changes covered include:

  • The Freedom from Religion Foundation challenges the housing allowance for pastors again.
  • A church officer or employee, having the authority to pay withheld taxes, is potentially liable for 100% of the taxes owed if the church fails to withhold or pay them.
  • Some tax benefits were adjusted for inflation in 2012, but many remained unchanged due to the low inflation rate.
  • The standard mileage rate for 2013 is 56.5 cents. The charitable mileage rate remains at 14 cents.
  • Donors must substantiate cash gifts of $250 or more "by a contemporaneous written acknowledgement of the contribution by the donee organization."

Find complete explanations of all 39 tax developments in the January/February issue of Church Law & Tax Report. Churches can stay current on changing tax developments throughout the year by subscribing to Church Law & Tax Report.

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