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Carol Stream, IL December 15, 2016 - Several important tax developments in 2016 will affect 2017 tax reporting by ministers, church staff, and churches. Richard Hammar lists the top ten developments in the January/February issue of Church Law & Tax Report, including:

  • Affordable Care Act reporting requirements
  • Changes in Form W-2 and Form W-3
  • IRS extends audit protections to church payroll compliance
  • Status of the housing allowance

Find explanations of all ten tax developments in the January/February issue of Church Law & Tax Report, and stay current on changing tax developments that affect churches throughout the year by subscribing to Church Law & Tax Report.

For information on more tax developments that affect churches—beyond this top ten list—see the 2017 Church & Clergy Tax Guide. This guide also serves as a year-round reference for churches and clergy.

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