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Books & Culture

Books & Culture isn't all about "books"—it's about anything and everything, the myriad subjects that books address. It's about our history and our common life, including movies and music and theater and art. It's about theology and cooking, poetry and science, etymology and human waste, the unpredictability and many-sidedness of things.

Leading Christian scholars, thinkers, and writers provide a glimpse of the largeness of Creation, God as maker, as artist, God as gratuitous giver, God as always exceeding our grasp.

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The Kingdom of Speech

Fly-catching with Tom Wolfe.

"The Worst Doesn't Unhappen, But . . ."

Amy Gentry's superb first novel.

Teaching Us the Names

The poetry of Dana Gioia.

Hairs vs. Squares

Baseball, social change, and tradition.

Mercy Now

Jonathan Safran Foer's remarkable new novel.

Every Tongue Should Confess

Three commentaries on Philippians.
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