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As a leading nonprofit media ministry, with a global reach, we're committed to creating Christian content that changes the people who change the world.

You can count on finding trusted, thoughtful, and balanced content that encourages, equips, and engages Christian thought leaders and church leaders like yourself.

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BuildingChurchLeaders.com provides practical training for church leaders. If offers hundreds of downloadable resources to be used in board or training meetings, by a pastor a chairperson who wants to lead the team through a certain topic.

Newest from Building Church LeadersBuilding Church Leaders

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So listen to the voices. The right voices.

Please Stop Leading All the Time

Sometimes a step back is the best way forward.

8 Commitments Leaders Owe Their Teams

A leader can't exist without people to lead—treat them well.

How to Make Your Case

Turn a vision of tomorrow into a plan others can see for themselves and join.

Leaders and Do-Overs

Don't overlook the power of second chances.

Meet the Press

5 starting points for handling your church's media relations.
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