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Christianity Today Library is a comprehensive online research library from these trusted publications: Christianity Today, Christian History & Biography, Leadership Journal, and Books & Culture. You'll find thousands of articles for use with your research projects, sermons, presentations, small group meetings, or just to satisfy your curiosity.

Newest from Christianity Today Library

Carly Fiorina Q+A: ‘Whom Shall I Fear?’

The candidate on her faith, abortion, and why women make good investment risks.

Why You Shouldn’t Call That False Teaching a Heresy

How to tell which errors deserve the ultimate warning label.

Do You Believe a False Teaching?

Answer these questions to find out.

History’s Biggest Heresies

False teachings condemned by the church.

The Christian Case for Not Giving Up on the World's Most Fragile State

Why World Vision and local Christian leaders remain hopeful about South Sudan.

'The Leftovers' Observes a Grief and Moves On

The second season of the post-Rapture HBO drama tries to start over in a new place, but grief chases them down, with echoes of C.S. Lewis.
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