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Christianity Today Library is a comprehensive online research library from these trusted publications: Christianity Today, Christian History & Biography, Leadership Journal, and Books & Culture. You'll find thousands of articles for use with your research projects, sermons, presentations, small group meetings, or just to satisfy your curiosity.

Newest from Christianity Today Library

What Forgotten Christmas Tradition Should Churches Revive?

Rooting our celebration of Christ’s birth more deeply in our lives.

Always Advent and Never Christmas?

Getting serious about the season of preparation? Don’t skimp on the celebration.

St. Nick, Patron of Pawn Shops

The little-known history of Christianity’s icon of generosity.

Can Our Art Deal With Our World?

There's more of it than ever before, and part of the problem is ours.

God’s Defense Attorney

Millionaire lawyer Mark Lanier moonlights as a Sunday school teacher.

Why Torture Is a Complete Failure

Former war crimes prosecutor: Legally, morally, and practically, ‘enhanced interrogation’ does not work.
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