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Christianity Today Library is a comprehensive online research library from these trusted publications: Christianity Today, Christian History & Biography, Leadership Journal, and Books & Culture. You'll find thousands of articles for use with your research projects, sermons, presentations, small group meetings, or just to satisfy your curiosity.

Newest from Christianity Today Library

The Good Ministers of the Silver Screen

Sure, there are badly-written clergy at TV and the movies. But it's the good ones that tell us something about what it is to be a minister.

Mosul Christian: Thanks for Changing Your #WeAreN Photo

Believers in Iraq rally around label that forced them out of their homes and churches.

The Sympathetic Doomsday Cult Leader

"Afflict the comfortable, and comfort the afflicted," says indie director Joshua Overbay.

What We Talk About When We Talk About 'Birth Control'

Meaningful debate requires us to define the terms of discussion.

The Rorschach Antichrist

Mapleton: putting the "false Christ" into Christmas.

We Miserable Sinners

Making good 'Christian' movies is a matter of being a wretch.
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