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March Week 4

Today's Christian Woman is a website and digital magazine for women who want to put God first in the grit of real life and live beyond themselves. Stories of women who live out gospel transformation in their families, churches and communities challenge and equip the Today's Christian Woman community to love God and live their faith fearlessly.

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Living the ThankList Life

Gratitude is not just a choice, it’s a commandment

5 Secrets to Juggling Work and Family

Using your business smarts at home could save your life.

Disappointed? Celebrate Anyway.

How I'm learning to embrace the life I have right now.

Frustrated with God?

It's not only healthy to share our feelings with him—it's necessary to grow.

When Life Hurts

How to set on a path of hope

You Can't Outsource Evangelism

Lowering my expectations for church made sharing my faith my own responsibility . . . and that's a good thing.
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