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October Week 5

Today's Christian Woman is a website and digital magazine for women who want to put God first in the grit of real life and live beyond themselves. Stories of women who live out gospel transformation in their families, churches and communities challenge and equip the Today's Christian Woman community to love God and live their faith fearlessly.

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What Millennials Need from the Church

Going straight to the source—Millennials themselves

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How to navigate diverse sex drives in marriage

Single in a Sex-Saturated World

Celebrating sexual fidelity and Spirit-empowered self-control

Beyond Harlots and Virgins

Moving past stereotypes about sexual desire to find wholeness in Christ

Embracing Sexual Desire

It’s not a shameful feeling to be hidden in the darkness.

Overcoming My Addiction to Cybersex

One woman’s cautionary tale on how to break free
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