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An interview with Mike Oldham by Samuel Ogles
Featured Story

A Businessman, Burdens, and the Power of Billy's Book

How Billy Graham's 'Just As I Am' turned a career-driven father into a motivated servant.
Morgan Lee
Featured Story

Seth Haines Won a CT Book Award for Writing about His Sobriety

Why a recent CT cover story about alcohol "was everything that [he] wanted to say"
An interview with John Sommerville by Samuel Ogles
Featured Story

Leading as a Pastor-Executive

The unique calling of blending both formal ministry and secular corporate leadership.
Interview by Andie Roeder Moody
Featured Story

Heralding Hope: Christian Writing in a Pluralist Society

We talk with CT writer, InterVarsity staff member, and Anglican priest Tish Harrison Warren.
Hope for the Church

Hope for the Church

Church leaders share what they hope the church will be known for, rather than what it's against.

Christianity Today prays that through our content you're inspired as you hope and seek to be used by God as a counterculture for the common good.


Scott Fillmer: 'The Behemoth' Is Important For Our Time

Cornerstone Church Auburn, Alabama

The Behemoth taking on just the task of talking about wonder, the mystery, being awestruck over God, is so important for our time. We are on the cusp ...

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Vonna Laue: 'Church Law and Tax' Provides Needed Leadership


The environment for churches today is more sophisticated than ever. Leadership is required to understand and comply with an extensive amount of legislation ...

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Chris Horst: CT Engages Even Among Those Who Disagree

Vice President of Development Hope International

CT isn't unique because it does really heartwarming stories, but it's the institution's coherent moral and spiritual framework that draws people in. Even ...

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Ken Shigematsu: 'Preaching Today' Makes Me a Better Pastor

Senior Pastor Tenth Church, Vancouver, BC

Preaching Today helps make me a better pastor -that is, a better preacher—which helps to enhance my overall pastoral and leadership ministry. The ...

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