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Morgan Lee
Featured Story

A 'Missionary Banker' and a CT 'Fanboy'

A microfinance nonprofit VP on what his favorite sport and magazine have in common
Samuel Ogles
Featured Story

Changing the Culture One Apologist Mom at a Time

How one CT article inspired a mother to learn apologetics in community for the sake of our children
Natalie Lederhouse
Featured Story

Life Is Messy: Why Not Talk About It?

Dr. Juli Slattery shares why she's thrilled to be a part of 'Today's Christian Woman'.
Andie Roeder Moody
Featured Story

The Behemoth: Art and Poetry in Theological Prose

Catching the vision for 'Christianity Today's' new magazine with Scott Fillmer.
Laura Leonard
Featured Story

Flourishing in Phoenix

Timothy Høiland shares how This Is Our City gave him a vision that became a reality.


Timothy Høiland: Christianity Today Tells Stories Worth Telling

Timothy Høiland, Editor, Flourish Phoenix

I learned through Christianity Today's This Is Our City that there are countless "common good stories" in any city, and that they're worth telling despite ...

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Eric Miller: Books & Culture Is a Gift to the Christian Community

Eric Miller, Associate Professor of History, Geneva College, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

In featuring a wide range of topics addressed by writers both diverse in viewpoint and unified in spirit, Books & Culture pulls off a challenging feat. ...

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Eric Miller: Books & Culture Helps Us See the Reality of God

Eric Miller, Associate Professor of History, Geneva College, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

Books & Culture reminds me what my faith is: what it means, how it might yet look. By taking me in and out of so many cultural spheres, geographical locations, ...

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Michelle Van Loon: Christianity Today Tackles Honest Struggles We Face

Michelle Van Loon, Author and nonprofit consultant

The experiences shared by those who share their own ministry struggles in the pages of Christianity Today and Leadership Journal regularly reminded me ...

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