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"We want to know how our work is shaping the souls of our readers; how it is helping pastors and church leaders."
Skye Jethani

Skye Jethani

Director of Mission Advancement, Christianity Today

Skye Jethani's Take on the Christianity Today Staff

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Nerina Smith

August 08, 2011  5:52am

When I was given the position as women's pastor at a church in South Africa, I immediately realize that I have to get as much as possible information about ministry and get as much possible resources to download from. Unfortunately we do have this type of resources available in my mother language, Afrikaans and I browsed through the internet to find applicable studies. I actually discovered Kyria and through this get to ChristianityToday. What a blessing. If it was not for ChristianityToday I would never be able to survive if it was not for your valuable resources. Thank you so much.

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prophet kayode olubisi

May 25, 2011  9:08am

keep on the lord is yr strength and i pray that god will be moving yr ministies forward in jesus name our lord amen

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May 07, 2011  12:31am

Well done, just one constructive criticism...too many 'informs' - please don't take offence, but it would be good to use a Thesaurus. Thanks.

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