Copy Editor —Christianity Today Editorial

Christianity Today is a global media ministry committed to excellence in its journalism and storytelling. We are seeking a full-time copy editor to ensure accuracy and precision in both our print and online articles. This job is critical to CT’s core calling to promote beautiful orthodoxy. Grammar errors and stylistic inconsistency are among the fastest ways to undermine credibility. Factual errors are at odds with our truth-telling mission. Sloppy systems inhibit our ability to cover all the issues we’re called to address. We need a passionate editor who obsesses over making sure the details are right before our articles are read by the people who need them.

Position summary:

Most of the copy editor’s time is spent proofreading copy and working with line editors to ensure articles meet CT’s high standards for spelling, grammar, style, logic, and factual assertions.

The copy editor also works closely with the managing editor and other staff to maintain consistent deadlines and efficient processes.

The copy editor also serves as an editor for the CT home page. This is mostly a task of coordinating efforts with various editors to ensure that editors, designers, and other team members know what articles are being posted at what times and keeping an eye out for problems.

The copy editor is also CT’s point of contact with freelance proofreaders and some other contract workers.

We’re looking for someone who is:

Passionate about CT’s belief that the gospel of Jesus Christ is a transforming and vital force, and that God’s primary way of working in the world is through the church and through the Word.

Committed to CT’s vision to make the church more beautiful and to make its beauty known.

Meticulous, organized, and detail-oriented. Someone who loses some sleep worrying that an errant comma slipped into published copy. But also someone who can see above the details to identify common errors or process problems.

Able to concentrate on and fact-check a longform story, yet flexible enough to shift gears quickly and copyedit a breaking news story.

Collegial and professional. Because this job entails enforcing rules and identifying their colleagues’ mistakes, this person must possess both fortitude and a humble spirit, both conviction and tact.

We’re looking for someone who has:

At least one year of experience in journalism.

Familiarity with the Chicago Manual of Style. Familiarity with Adobe InCopy and Microsoft Word’s change tracking tools is preferred.

Knowledge of fact-checking processes. Experience is preferred.

At least basic familiarity with Christian culture, core theological concepts, the Bible, news values, and journalism ethics.

Technical/Physical requirements of the job include:

Typing, writing, sitting, reaching, handling, talking, hearing, visual acuity (near), visual accommodation. Work is performed in a typical office environment. Ability to move/carry/lift 1-20 pounds.

Because of the collaborative and sometimes physical nature of the position, this job is located at Christianity Today’s offices in Carol Stream, Illinois.