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Week of Giving

Thank you for elevating the church and inspiring the world.

Come and hear all you who fear God; let me tell you what He has done. —Psalm 66:16

During Christianity Today's Week of Giving on October 11-15, 381 partners joined us in elevating the church and inspiring the world.

Now, more people—inside and outside the church—will know and understand the movement of God. More people will hear and read "what He has done." Bringing healing to the broken. Bringing the gospel to the far corners of the earth. Bringing love in the church's witness to the culture.

For 65 years, CT has told the world what God is doing, and the kingdom work continues.

Thank you to the Week of Giving partners below who help CT expand global storytelling, reinvest in biblical thought leadership, and advance the stories and ideas of the church in new media.

If you'd still like to support this mission, it's not too late!