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The Ones Who Are Left

A personal account of what happens when death takes away a loved one and of what resources are available to the Christian for dealing with the emptiness.
The Ones Who Are Left. A personal account of what happens when death takes away a loved one and of what resources are available to the Christian for dealing with the emptiness.

Family Christian Stores Lives On, For Now

Court approval needed for sale to Family Christian subsidiary.
Hilco Merchant Resources, LLC and Gordon Brothers Retail Partners, LLC won the back-up bid equity owners, and in 2013 promised to donate all profits to serving widows and orphans

Loving Up Close

Living out the gospel by bringing—and keeping—families together
While Bethany can provide counseling, resources, training, and support, we need your help—because It's true that we demonstrate Christ's love by caring for widows and orphans in

What Was the New Testament Church Like?

Acts 2 house churches have a lot to teach today's small groups.
Young widows and the poor looked to the house churches as a means of support. We need to take advantage of the resources in the larger body such as preaching, equipping, and

America's Largest Christian Bookstore Chain Files for Bankruptcy

CEO: 'We have carefully and prayerfully considered every option.'
For comparison, LifeWay Christian Resources has 185 FCS bought itself back from private equity owners in 2012 and pledged to donate 100 percent of its profits to widows and orphans

Time to Clean House?

5 steps to unclutter your ministry
This happened in Acts when there were more widows to feed than the culturally That means we immediately shutter a ministry and reallocate the resources and personnel elsewhere.

6 Steps for Becoming Champions for the Helpless

Defend the rights of those with the greatest needs in your community.
For widows, do an internet search on financial exploitation and elder abuse. You may be shocked to learn the depth of need in America, and the lack of resources. 5. Pray.


Masterful, compelling, confessional, necessary viewing.
networks, resources—and spending it on behalf of the powerless. (There's a reason that God continually orders his people in both the Old and New Testament to care for widows,

Choosing Justice

Start where you are and use what you have to make a difference.
the oppressed, defend the cause of orphans, and fight for the rights of widows” (Isaiah 1 There are also encouraging Bible study groups and resources online that often look deeply into

It Takes a Church

Adopting five foster children is impossible unless you have the right support.
I can't take widows or orphans into my home." Perhaps we are even tempted to think But in Christian community we gained a reservoir of resources that provided us the endurance to

Don't Be Afraid to Ask

Sometimes, women need to set aside false selflessness.
We want to direct resources where they're needed most. Occasionally, we send up a flare and call those resources in for ourselves. Consider two widows Jesus describes in Luke.

Escape from Oblivion

A 16th-century life.
Hermann married twice, both times to older widows of means, with whom he had no children. felt both compelled and authorized to rely on his own intellect and resources to interpret his

Exploring Adoption

Are evangelicals doing more harm than good?
like Russell Moore, Dan Cruver, Tony Merida, and Bishop WC Martin, drawing on the deep resources of the to care for "the least of these" and "to look after orphans and widows in their

Seeing in the Dark, Part 1

An interview with Michelle Tessendorf, Executive Director of Orchard: Africa
We believe that the church community wants us to care for widows and orphans, and so it is the And so we will go wherever God leads us and wherever we have resources to respond.

My Calling as a Female Breadwinner

Sometimes Christian women can’t help breaking traditional gender roles.
For single women—not to mention widows, infertile women, and middle-aged women whose children are And it would be a lavish waste of time, resources, and gifting to forsake it in

Developing a Culture of Contentment

Jeff Manion on taking appropriate financial risk and cultivating a generous spirit.
It means that all of us in our church spend less than we make so our resources are available to the kingdom In the early church, people were liquidating their property to support widows.

Tithing: Law or a Grace?

The place of giving in the gospel.
18:21); another for a sacred celebration (Deut. 14:23); and a third—collected only once every three years—to support the poor, orphans, and widows (Deut. 14:28-29; 26:12-13).

Why Give to the Local Church?

There are lots of great ministries out there, but giving to the local church is still essential.
the mission trips, or who volunteers to do handy work for the homes of single moms and widows. that a portion of all gifts go to local benevolence needs, I have the resources to meet

Becoming a Just Church

Understand and engage the church's call to pursue justice.
position. Of course we don't want widows thrown off their land, that's not right. things. How can small churches best use their resources to engage justice issues?

Family Christian Stores Buys Itself, Pledges to Give 100% of Profits to Widows and Orphans

America's largest chain of Christian stores buys itself from private equity owners.
We intend to continue to uphold the high level of retail excellence, while applying the full operational and financial resources of the Company for the benefit of widows, orphans and