Scott Hammond, an avid Men of Integrity reader, had always known about Christianity Today magazine from his time growing up as a part of a pastor's home. His family had subscribed occasionally over the years. As time went on, his familiarity of Christianity Today continued throughout his time at Bible College in Oregon when professors would assign readings from Christianity Today. As a result, years later when Scott decided that he wanted to engage more actively in his faith and become a deeply committed Christian, he knew that Christianity Today was the place to start. After reading a handful of web exclusive and print articles online, he became familiar with another publication of the ministry - Men of Integrity. Now, over one year later, Scott has become a staple part of the online community at, commenting and reflecting on daily devotions posted online for subscribers.

We were able to catch up with Scott to hear more about how Men of Integrity has challenged and encouraged him to grow in his faith.

How long have you been a subscriber to MOI, and how did you first come across MOI?

I don't recall exactly how long I have been a subscriber to Men of Integrity, but it's been at least a few of years. When I first subscribed, I really felt as if I needed something more than what I was currently doing for devotions and my spiritual life. I traveled so much for work that couldn't plug in consistently at my home church, and felt like my faith was stagnant. I figured that Christianity Today would be a good source to start, so I went looking there first. It was on that I became aware of Men of Integrity.

How has receiving the devotional had an influence in your spiritual walk?

When I first started to participate, I was floundering. I didn't feel as if I was allowing the Holy Spirit to guide my life, and I knew that something was missing. Last year, I made a commitment to read the devotional every day and participate online as regularly as I could. Over time, I began to feel as if the Holy Spirit was leading me in my everyday life, and many of my comments are an acknowledgement of that. I'm not trying to be a teacher or preacher, I'm truly just trying to express what the Holy Spirit has shown me today.

What has been the most memorable takeaway that you have had from Men of Integrity?

It is most encouraging when I hear that others are spurred to action and growth when they read something that I have written on the site. I am amazed that God continues to use what I have written online to work in other men's lives in the same way that Men of Integrity has challenged me in my life. I'm just a normal working guy, but God uses me anyway. It is both humbling and scary.

It really seems like you are pretty open and honest about your story - is this ever challenging?

As frequently as I can, I try to share what is going on in my life and how the devotions impact my daily life. For this reason, I'm not trying to provide instruction or create a prescriptive model for others. I simply try to be honest that I don't always have it together, and show how I am hoping to let the Holy Spirit show me how to live. As a result, if there happens to be someone in the same position, I hope this might benefit him as well.

Are there any features in Men of Integrity that you really look forward to each issue?

I really value how each issue of Men of Integrity provides a starting point for diving into the theme on a deeper level. The topics of the week help guide me toward more resources and books that give me exactly what I need to dig in. I will often buy a few of the books featured in each issue to go deeper into the topics covered too. As I read Men of Integrity, I realize that I am simply being asked to be obedient and walk through the door that God has opened.

Leanne Snavely is marketing manager at Christianity Today.