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CT Pastors

CTPastors.com equips pastors with time-tested wisdom and practical tools for church ministry from the editors of Christianity Today.

The pastoral vocation is a calling of varied roles, persistent demands, and high stakes. But it's not something you have to do alone. CTPastors.com is a community of pastors helping one another through the highs and lows ministry. It provides smart, honest perspective on matters of ministry and Christian leadership so that pastors are better equipped to enhance their ministry, encourage community, and embody vision as they minister in the name of Jesus.

CT Pastors

The articles and resources on CTPastors.com address working pastors' pressing needs with real-world solutions. You'll get wisdom and practical tools for the six key tasks of a working pastor—lead, preach, pray, disciple, reach, and manage—all offering pastoral warmth and time-tested wisdom to help you in your calling.

Fulfill Your Calling in a Changing World

CT Pastors

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