Beautiful Orthodoxy matters because of both words. Beauty originates, not with the artists and poets who stir our emotions with their work, but with the Creator who created us to create. Beauty, regardless of the intent of its human maker, always points back to the Triune God, the original artist and craftsman. And orthodoxy matters because it is the body of truth passed down from generation to generation, through 2,000 years of church history, that tells us about ourselves, how we relate to God, and about the world. To wed the two: beauty and orthodoxy is what Christianity Today does best. Holding fast to "the faith once delivered to the saints" and communicating this in a way that tells the beautiful story of salvation history in Christ.

We live in an increasingly secular age in the West, causing some to fear and tremble. But where others see danger, I see opportunity. In a world beset by threats, confusion, and longing, God's people have the opportunity to retell the grand narrative the Bible tells about God, about our world, and about ourselves. Christianity Today is poised to do this with fresh content, articulate writers, and a gospel-fueled passion. This editorial vision of Beautiful Orthodoxy makes me happy because it reflects the task of Christians in the world to press the life-saving gospel into the brokenness. We must be on mission, surrendering neither to fear and anger on the one side nor cultural capitulation on the other.

I'm grateful to Christianity Today. CT helped expose me to the wide angle of the body of Christ throughout the years. As a pastor, the thoughtful content helped shape the way I shepherd my congregation. As a denominational leader, it helps keep me informed so I can help equip pastors and church leaders on a variety of cultural and theological issues. As a husband and father, CT helps me lead well and launch my kids on mission in the world.

Beautiful Orthodoxy embraces the legacy of Carl Henry, enabling Christianity Today to help guide the church in the 21st century.