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Editorial Internship - Church Law & Tax

Want to see what it's like to work at Christianity Today?

Spring 2017 Editorial Internship—The Church Law & Tax Group

The Church Law & Tax Group at Christianity Today offers an editorial internship to college students and recent graduates who have decided on careers in publishing.

Interns will receive hands-on experience in a variety of aspects of publishing. Effort is made to build the intern's clip file, but the emphasis is on training and in assisting the editorial and journalistic functions of various publications, websites, online resources, and book projects. Functions include editing and proofing copy, fact checking, preparing print articles for the web, writing brief items for online articles, blog posts, and social media, participating in editorial planning meetings, generating article ideas, and providing occasional assistance to marketing related to promotion of the publications, resources, and websites.

The Church Law & Tax Group editorial internship is designed for experienced student journalists and should be considered a supplement to previous journalism education in the classroom. Applicants should already have some clips from student publications or previous journalism internships and should be able to write clear, objective reports of news events. Applicants should also have general knowledge of the evangelical community, religion, and the Internet.

Interns are expected to work 10-20 hours in our offices during regular CT business hours, however, flexibility in scheduling is provided. The internship is unpaid, and interns must verify health insurance coverage. For-credit internships are preferred but not required.

Not sure about how this internship might fit with your editorial aspirations? Read what previous Church Law & Tax Group interns have had to say about their experiences:

"My editorial internship with Christianity Today’s Church Law & Tax Team was a valuable opportunity. It provided hands-on experience with editing and writing for the team’s website and blog. It also gave me a chance to experience what it is like to be a part of an editorial team. I made connections both within the team and with others at Christianity Today, too. Interning on the Church Law & Tax Team was a worthwhile pursuit."--Elizabeth J.

“My time spent with the Church Law & Tax Group was incredibly valuable on both a personal and professional level. The leadership at Christianity Today is fantastic, and I was especially blessed by the vision and direction found within the Church Law & Tax Group. While the fear of many interns is that they will end up as glorified coffee pushers, I felt incredibly honored to be delegated real editorial responsibility. This degree of freedom was governed by a supportive and very well informed leadership team. I greatly appreciated their commitment to develop my strengths and to give me access to projects that naturally fueled my passions. When searching for full-time jobs, it was so helpful to be able to say with confidence and integrity that I'd had experience in: copy editing, developmental editing, writing, the creation of eBooks, the creation of newsletters, and interaction with prominent thought leaders in our field. There is a reason other employers and institutions are pleased when they see ‘Editorial Intern with the Church Law & Tax Group’ on a resume. For that reason, and for the joy of working with such a fun and dynamic team, I would highly recommend this internship program.” —Andrew Stoddard, publishing professional (Summer 2013 Church Law & Tax Group intern)

“My internship with Christianity Today’s Church Law & Tax Group changed the direction of my career. I learned a lot about publishing, editorial work, and writing. I was also given a breadth of experiences: I was encouraged to connect with designers, editors, and marketers at Christianity Today, and I was challenged with a variety of work, including editing a book, writing articles, attending webinars, and contributing to design discussions. I always felt like my work contributed to the team. My conversations with my direct supervisor, plus the experience I gained through my internship, gave me the confidence to apply for a full-time editorial position. I was hired! I feel God has placed me in this position to do important ministry—and it’s all possible because of my internship.” —Amy Jackson, Managing Editor, SmallGroups.com (Summer 2011 Church Law & Tax Group intern)

“At Christianity Today, I was given the tools and guidance I needed to sharpen my editing skills, gain insight into the publishing world, and explore and improve my work as a journalist. The hands-on experience I gained, in addition to the excellent advice and support I received from my supervisors both during and after the internship, is still opening doors for me as an editor, marketer, and journalist.” –Alana Birky (Summer 2009 Church Law & Tax Group intern)

Please submit your resume and application to sogles@christianitytoday.com

In order to be considered, download the employment application form. Please email a saved, signed copy of the application, along with a cover letter and resume, to hrdept@christianitytoday.com; or fax a copy to 630-260-0114. In order to save correctly, the application must be downloaded via Adobe Reader. Click here to download Adobe Reader for free.