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The Gap We See

Stories transform lives. Stories spark change. Stories lift our eyes.

Jesus told the best stories. When he spoke, people changed. His stories lifted their gaze.

God continues to write his big story through his people around the world. Every day, men and women choose to follow him. When we hear stories of heroes whose faith in Jesus compels them to dare impossibly hard things and to share inconceivably good news, we are inspired.

But there’s a gap.

These stories need a storyteller. For over six decades, God has used Christianity Today as that storyteller.
We believe that the body of Christ is beautiful and is the primary instrument of God’s redemptive and restorative grace in the world.
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In every part of the world, God sees men and women who love him and sacrifice themselves to bring the Way, the Truth, and the Life straight into the heart of a lost and suffering world.

We want the world to see what God sees. We want to encourage the church to be the hands and feet and voice of Jesus. We want to lift up the most powerful stories and most transformative ideas the world has ever seen or heard.

When you partner with CT, you help us tell better stories, more stories, from different perspectives, and in more mediums. And you help those stories reach more eyes and more ears.

Every dollar you give means that these stories reach another 15 people this month alone…people who then share them with their church, community, and workplace.

Your faithful partnership fuels the life-giving work of Christianity Today as we encourage and connect the church—modeling the breadth of the true, good, and beautiful gospel through stories and resources, news and commentary, each and every day.
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