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Help us expand the important ministry cause of Beautiful Orthodoxy and extend its global reach

Christianity Today is a nonprofit, global media ministry. It’s needed now more than ever. We can’t advance the thoughtful Christian journalism that the church needs without you. Because of support from readers like yourself, Christianity Today continues to:
  • Model Beautiful Orthodoxy As our Core Cause

    In a world in desperate need of truth, goodness, and beauty, Christianity Today strengthens the church by richly communicating the breadth of the true, good, and beautiful gospel.

  • Influence Leaders As our Core Cause

    Intellectually curious and devoted Christians who influence the church, their community, and the broader culture to the glory of God.

  • Engage Leading As our Core Cause

    Strategically informing and influencing the church as it engages cultures in Jesus' name.

Ways to Support Christianity Today

Sustaining Partners

Friends that make annual commitments of $1,000+ to help grow CT’s global reach

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Help CT’s thoughtful Christian journalism endure with a monthly, recurring gift.

The 1956 Society

Planned Gifts ensure thoughtful Christian journalism for the next generation

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Other Ways to Give

Flexible options to steward your resources and receive maximum tax benefits

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Your Gift Maximized for Ministry

82% of Christianity Today's operating expenses are used toward our mission: to advance the stories and ideas of the kingdom of God.

Your Gift Maximized for Ministry

What We Can Accomplish Together

$150,000 Funds the development of one magazine issue distributed to over 100,000 Christian leaders. (Honor the influence of someone with this special naming opportunity).
$30,000 Supports a year of CT's Quick to Listen podcasts that engages with listeners in ways that words on a page cannot.
$25,000 Distributes CT subscriptions to 500 emerging global Christian leaders who value the thoughtful, balanced voice of the publication.
$15,000 Sponsors a month of one of CT's popular digital special sections: CT Women, CT Pastors, or Christian History.
$10,000 Sends a writer overseas to research and report on what God is doing through his church around the world.
$7,500 Commissions research for churches to understand the challenges they face with issues like religious freedom and preventing child abuse.
$5,000 Guarantees a professional photographer joins a global reporting trip and capture the important visual story of God at work.
$4,000 Gathers four diverse experts to discuss and deliberate on a trending topic critical to the life of the church.
$1,500 Provides digital subscriptions to ministry leaders around the globe that are in desperate need of training resources.
$500 Underwrites the development of thought-provoking online reporting on breaking developments in the church and the world.
$250 Hires a promising young writer to publish her first article on a unique theme for Christians, while being mentored by a skilled editor.
$100 Subsidizes the cost to translate one article into Spanish to encourage and equip Latino Christians.