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One of the great challenges facing any company Is "reinventing" a storied brand. Sometime such attempts fail miserably. (Anyone remember "New Coke"?) And sometime they can succeed beyond anyone's wildest imaginings. (Take the rebirth of the Ford Motor Company, as colorfully documented in the book American Icon.)

It's the same for publishers. Christian or otherwise.

Maybe that's why I'm so grateful to God for the successful "first step" in the reintroduction of Today's Christian Woman.

From the late '70s to the end of the last decade, the "first" TCW provided readers with practical helps and inspiration on a variety of topics—everything from maintaining friendships and trustworthy, marriage and parenting advice to developing a career and calling. And all, of course, in the context of a growing faith.

The "new" TCW will be no less varied in the topics and issues it focuses on. But it's how that focus will be directed that will be different.

As the first issue (mailing this week!) so powerfully demonstrates, story will be the capstone of the new TCW's editorial gameplan. Compelling—at times gritty—but always hope-filled stories of women who are serious about their faith and serious about touching and transforming all areas of their individual lives in Jesus' name.

And not surprisingly, these colorful examples of faith in action will not be "limited" to print alone. You'll also have the opportunity to meet these and other culture-making woman online at http://www.todayschristianwoman.com/.

(And the new site looks great—even if I say so myself!)

So find a relatively quiet place (maybe it's in that Ford of yours) and enjoy ALL that the new TCW has to offer.

I guarantee it will be the year-round pause that refreshes.

* * *

Switching gears.

As you'll recall, I've written several times in the recent past about Christianity Today's international efforts and our growing sense that God would have us do a great deal more globally in the days ahead. I've also encouraged readers to consider how they can be a part of these efforts through their financial support.

Well, I'm pleased to report that another CT "first" in its growing- global operation will take place the middle of next month here in Chicago (October 15-17 to be exact). It's the inaugural global:church forum co-hosted by Re:source Global and Christianity Today.

Featuring a who's who of international church leaders and Kingdom supporters, the global:church forum will provide an opportunity for attendees to hear firsthand what God is doing in his world, and how his work is modeling new ways for building Christ's church in the Global South and East—and in Europe and North America!

Our hope coming out of this conference will be that funders and ministry leaders can better work together in identifying key needs and in creating coordinated strategies for advancing God's Kingdom across every border, every boundary line.


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Becky Grosenbach

October 08, 2012  3:59pm

Glad to hear my old friend TCW is coming back! I look forward to catching up with her over a cup of tea.

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