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Journalism, Politics or Ministry?What People Are Saying

Journalism, Politics or Ministry?

How CT's longtime board chair found his purpose in all.

John Huffman first remembers hearing of Christianity Today as a teenager. His grandfather, an archeologist ...

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The Death of Football?Inside the Ministry

The Death of Football?

Longtime sports fan John Wilson welcomes a debate

Next month, Books and Culture editor John Wilson will be traveling to Baylor University to talk football. ...

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Growing in Writing and ReportingInside the Ministry

Growing in Writing and Reporting

An editorial resident shares her experience working at Christianity Today

"I definitely was devastated to leave New York City last year," Morgan Lee says about her decision to ...

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When Work and Ministry MixInside the Ministry

When Work and Ministry Mix

An editorial resident shares his experience this past year.

This past year Tim Gioia worked in an evangelical nonprofit for the first time, learned much more about ...

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The World-Traveling PastorInside the Ministry

The World-Traveling Pastor

Matt Woodley, Editor of PreachingToday.com, is known around Christianity Today as the "Illustration ...

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A 'Missionary Banker' and a CT 'Fanboy'What People Are Saying

A 'Missionary Banker' and a CT 'Fanboy'

A microfinance nonprofit VP on what his favorite sport and magazine have in common

"We call ourselves missionary bankers," says Chris Horst, the vice president of development ...

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Changing the Culture One Apologist Mom at a TimeWhat People Are Saying

Changing the Culture One Apologist Mom at a Time

How one CT article inspired a mother to learn apologetics in community for the sake of our children

It's easy to think that the Christians who capture attention in our culture are the ones with flawless ...

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The Unexpected Good News about MissionariesInside the Ministry

The Unexpected Good News about Missionaries

Christianity Today's award-winning story presents surprising findings.

This spring, the Evangelical Press Association honored Christianity Today publications with 49 awards. ...

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Forgiving Your ParentsInside the Ministry

Forgiving Your Parents

The story behind Leslie Leyland Fields' award-winning Today's Christian Woman article

Today's Christian Woman's article "Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers" by Leslie Leyland Fields took ...

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Bringing to Light Today's Top Youth Ministry RisksInside the Ministry

Bringing to Light Today's Top Youth Ministry Risks

An award-winning article series looks into what churches need to do to ensure safe policies and boundaries, even as technology changes.

"This [article series] should be required reading for everyone involved in or concerned about youth ...

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