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In November, the Christianity Today Board of Directors met at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Training Center (The Cove) in Asheville, North Carolina. Among our emphases was the 1950s vision that set this ministry into motion, and specifically, that vision's relevance to the world of 2012.

Imagine how we felt at the end of a two-hour discussion on how evangelicalism has changed in the last five decades, when the visionary himself—Billy Graham—joined us! It was a moment I will never forget.

The now wheel-chair-bound evangelist at first regaled us with light-hearted tales of CT's past. Then his focus shifted to first things. "Continue to keep Christ at the center of everything CT does," he exhorted us. "And remain committed to the Word of God." A wry smile then came to Graham's face. "If you don't, then I'll just have to write you a letter!"

This brief, powerful encounter not only put the exclamation point to our Board's deliberations, but underscored the critical importance of our internal conversations about CT's ongoing role and future effectiveness in a shifting media world.

When Christianity Today magazine was first published in 1956, it was a news journal that looked at the world, looked at the issues facing the world and the church and wrote about them from the context of Scripture, from the context of a Gospel understanding, helping pastors and culture-makers better understand the world around them. Then, print was the only option.

However, with today's technology, we serve millions of Christians every month through a variety of digital, mobile and print platforms. So it is time for a new brand! A new identity that reflects our focus on the future of the global church is essential, helping accurately reflect the depth and breadth of Christianity Today as a ministry. You'll notice our ministry's new logo, with a tagline that fits us well—a global media ministry. Also, our nonprofit ministry's new home can be found at ChristianityToday.org where you can find more about who we are and what we do.

We pray that the biblical, balanced, and thoughtful content we strive to create in all of our resources inspires and mobilizes the church and its leaders. Readers and friends of Christianity Today can expect the same powerful content from their favorite publications and resources, as well as significant opportunity to engage with the ministry through two new initiatives:

This Is Our City: The three-year multimedia project "This Is Our City" focuses on six diverse metropolitan areas throughout the United States, giving a comprehensive picture of cultural renewal in business, government, public health, education and the arts by Christians who are shaping American society in creative, dynamic and sacrificial ways. The project includes a social platform for stories of cultural investment driven by Christian commitment.
Global Gospel Project: Christianity Today's "Global Gospel Project" is a multi-year, multimedia initiative that will provide the 21st century evangelical church with compelling ways and means of re-engaging the great doctrines of the church so that men and women will more deeply grasp, in both mind and heart, the astounding love of God in Jesus Christ. This in turn will not only ground them more securely in their faith, but also energize them to share the gospel in word and deed ever more faithfully in the world.

Why Christianity Today? Because we are a unifying voice, speaking Gospel truth, in both conviction and love. In our news reporting, in our award-winning content, and in our effective resources all created to engage, encourage, and equip the Church, worldwide.

"Creating Christian content that changes the people who change the world." The mission of Christianity Today. A mission, I'm grateful to say, undiminished and unchanged.

Christianity Today — For the Church.

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