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Interview by Andie Roeder Moody

Heralding Hope: Christian Writing in a Pluralist Society

We talk with CT writer, InterVarsity staff member, and Anglican priest Tish Harrison Warren.

Andrew Finch

How a Seasoned Preacher Keeps Growing In His Craft

Pastor Ken Shigematsu on the influence of PreachingToday.com.

Morgan Lee

Journalism, Politics or Ministry?

How CT's longtime board chair found his purpose in all.

Morgan Lee

A 'Missionary Banker' and a CT 'Fanboy'

A microfinance nonprofit VP on what his favorite sport and magazine have in common


Samuel Ogles

Changing the Culture One Apologist Mom at a Time

How one CT article inspired a mother to learn apologetics in community for the sake of our children

Natalie Lederhouse

Life Is Messy: Why Not Talk About It?

Dr. Juli Slattery shares why she's thrilled to be a part of 'Today's Christian Woman'.

Andie Roeder Moody

The Behemoth: Art and Poetry in Theological Prose

Catching the vision for 'Christianity Today's' new magazine with Scott Fillmer.

Laura Leonard

Flourishing in Phoenix

Timothy Høiland shares how This Is Our City gave him a vision that became a reality.

Eric Miller

Love at First Sight

Eric Miller, 'Books & Culture' devotee and writer, talks about the life-shaping magazine.

Laura Leonard

The Article That Changed Everything

How a Christianity Today article turned Paul Robinson's porn addiction into a ministry opportunity.


Displaying 1–10 of 21
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Universal medicine | Amstelveen, Netherlands

Hi there, I live in the Netherlands en I am 57 years old an d have a great daughter and great husband. Sorry read more >

Pentecostal Church of Uganda | Kampala Uganda

Before i became saved, i didn't know much a bout God or Jesus becouse my people only believed in what i now ca read more >

Pentecostal Church Uganda(P.C.U) | Kampala, FL, Angola

Am called by the names Godfrey Armstrong, born of Bukedea Uganda, i grew in the family where witch craft was b read more >

Follower of christ | Tamaqua, PA, USA

I was trying to comment on your 7 lies Christians tell cause I have to totally disagree not all Christians are read more >

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