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Carol Stream, IL - July 23, 2021 – What does it mean to live out our faith in a digital world? How are Christian leaders and creatives using social media to share the Good News? These are the themes explored in Viral Jesus, a new podcast from Christianity Today about communication and the power of social connections.

In each episode, communications scholar Heather Thompson Day takes her listeners on a deep dive with ministry leaders, content creators, and social media influencers to find out how they’re making their faith go viral.

“There are so many opinions and ideas swirling around social media that it’s easy to think we’ll never have anything worthwhile to say,” says Thompson Day. “But what if we could learn from Christian influencers who are really good at knowing how to connect online? That’s what Viral Jesus is all about.”

For Viral Jesus’s inaugural episodes, Thompson Day has assembled a dynamic array of guests including theologian and Reading While Black author Esau McCaulley; English professor and culture critic Karen Swallow Prior; and comedienne, blogger, and prolific YouTuber Kristina Kuzmič. Topics covered range from building community naturally to using TikTok as a tool for discipleship. The first episode, featuring McCaulley, is called “Tweeting While Black.”

Beyond the Twitter tips and Instagram insights found in the conversations on Viral Jesus, Thompson Day also draws from her expertise as a professor of communication at Colorado Christian University (and soon Andrews University) to show real-life examples of communication theory in practice.

Adds Thompson Day: “The goal of Viral Jesus is for all Christians to hear from people they respect on how you build online community, but more specifically I hope this podcast will also be a resource to church and ministry leaders as they navigate social media engagement.”

Christianity Today’s vice president of strategic partnerships, Ed Gilbreath, says Viral Jesus is the first of several new podcasts in development from CT’s Big Tent Initiative, “which is a focused effort to help CT reach and represent more of the racial, ethnic, and generational diversity of God’s church.”

Viral Jesus’s trailer and first episode with Esau McCaulley are available now, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday. Find it at, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever listeners get their podcasts.

Listeners also can join the Viral Jesus conversation on social media by following Heather Thompson Day @HeatherTDay and @CTmagazine on Twitter.

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