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Image: Antonio Masiello / NurPhoto / Corbis

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India. Cuba. Lebanon. Cambodia. South Sudan. Kenya. Greece. Iraq.

All are recent countries where CT has sent reporters to cover the church abroad.

You consistently tell us you appreciate this “front-row seat” to what God is doing around the globe. One reader—and now donor—Shane Pike told us, “CT gives a much wider perspective on the church than you could get anywhere else.”

It’s important to learn from our global Christian family how God sustains and grows his church. To realize how what is happening in other places affect us at home. To be challenged to pray and act on behalf of our brothers and sisters in precarious situations across the world.

This reporting work takes more time and special expertise. It’s not always safe and secure. And it’s expensive—$5,000, $10,000, often more to find the story that must be shared.

Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry depends on you—our reader—to help us continue this on-the-ground reporting that you can’t find anywhere else and that is essential for understanding the global church.

Would you make an investment to help us continue this reporting on what God is doing around the globe? Please give an online gift below.

Grace and peace,

Mark Galli
Editor, Christianity Today