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From the very moment evangelist Billy Graham founded Christianity Today in 1956, we have been committed to faithfully reporting what God is doing in his church around the world. His Kingdom is global. And we feel the consistent call to tell the story of the nations as they bear the life-giving fruit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And why is this so call so critical to not only CT by the church at large? Because it:

  • Introduces Western Christians to international church leaders whose voices need to be heard.
  • Provides hope and courage as Christian leaders see how God is working around the world.
  • Creates new networks for church leaders across national boundaries.
  • Brings awareness of people who may need both resources and prayer.

Today, CT reaches over five million Christian leaders every month, with over 1.5 million outside of the United States. Recent on-the-ground reports have included dispatches from India, Cuba, Cambodia, Lebanon, South Sudan, Iraq, and Greece.

But there's so much more to tell! So many more international leaders to hear from!

Will you help us tells these stories? Will you help give these men and women a voice in our pages and on our sites?

Our kingdom-focused vision includes:

  • Expanding CT's global contributors by identifying men and women who can not only report the news from their part of the world but offer commentary on what it means for the church worldwide.
  • Training and mentoring emerging global contributors so that Christ's church worldwide will be further engaged, encouraged, and equipped.
  • Creating a more connected church, one that rejoices together, cries together, and prays together across borders for the continuing movement of God.

Will you make an investment today to help us communicate a message of the hope-filled gospel on the move…around the world?


Timothy Dalrymple
President and CEO

Help Christianity Today expand its trusted reporting, news, and commentary on all that God is doing worldwide.