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"Christianity Today should take the responsibility of leading in love, what so much of our evangelical work has failed to do in fighting and name calling." —Billy Graham, in 1956

Our founder's words speak to what we today call Beautiful Orthodoxy. It's a cause that seeks to equip men and women to live lives of Gospel conviction and Christ-centered love.

And it's a cause needed now more than!

As Pastor Samuel Rodriguez said: "The emerging generation is tired and frustrated by the constant bickering about issues in our culture. Christianity Today provides a platform that's holistic, compassionate, and reconciliatory."

And at this critical time, you can help expand the reach of Beautiful Orthodoxy.

You can help us share the hopeful vision for the church and the world that reflects Christ's love, redemption, and restoration.

You can help us continue to lead in current issues like politics, immigration and the refugee crisis, religious liberty, and gender and sexuality.

You can help us advocate to the church and society for overlooked populations such as the incarcerated, mentally ill, and persecuted.

Please invest in the cause of Beautiful Orthodoxy and help our ministry showcase powerful stories that inspire the church to live out God's truth in love.


Timothy Dalrymple
President and CEO

Help Christianity Today showcase more powerful stories to inspire Christ-followers to live lives of conviction and love.