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It can be hard to see how Jesus is making all things new.

That’s why CT elevates the stories and ideas of the kingdom of God through global reporting, redemptive storytelling, thoughtful podcasts, and more. Every day, CT testifies to the reality that Jesus is alive, transforming his world, and bringing his kingdom to bear.

Whether it’s a pastor in Brazil who uses CT in Portuguese to lead his ministry, a young person grappling with hypocrisy in the church who needs guidance, or a seasoned believer who wants to think biblically about cultural change, CT comes alongside believers to illuminate what it looks like to follow Jesus in today’s world. Jesus is transforming his world. CT is equipping his Church.

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CT is a global, nonprofit media ministry. CT memberships and advertising cover normal costs like paying editors, writers, and designers, printing and production of the magazine, and running the website.

And gifts from readers and partners like you empower CT to do more. Watch this short video to see more about how giving to CT expands the kingdom of God.

Our vision is to broaden our global reporting and commentary, elevate more diverse voices—racially, ethnically, denominationally—from across the Christian world, and showcase younger voices that reflect an increasing under-35 audience.

Transformation isn’t passive. That’s why CT wants to join with God in what he is doing in the world. By partnering with CT, you’re participating in a global ministry that brings glory to God and shapes the future of the Church. Because Jesus transforms, and CT equips.