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Christian Bible Studies
Christian Bible Studies

For small groups, Sunday school classes, or your personal devotions, ChristianBibleStudies.com offers over 1,000 ready-to-download Bible studies on topics as relevant as today's headlines—from Islam to genetics, politics to spiritual growth. You'll also find free articles to share with your group and help them in their walk of faith.

Each ready-to-download Bible study is:

Challenging and Informing

Those using these Bible studies will be challenged to respond biblically to today's current issues and events. If you're using a study with a group, these studies facilitate lively discussions and interaction.


You choose which ready-to-use Bible studies you want and download them directly to your computer. You have full permission to make additional copies and pass them out to your group without paying extra.


These Bible studies are flexible. Adapt them to fit your group and your own teaching style—omit some questions; ask your own. If you don't have time, leave out some sections. Or use a Bible study over a 2-week period or longer.

Transformed by the Truth


Christian Bible Studies offers:

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