For many of you, your Christianity Today read in print begins with a cursory look at our editorial and corporate mastheads: the long listing of women and men who get this publication to you month in and month out.

The mastheads are our way of telling you that our collective and individual reputations are on the line every time you pick up an issue or read something on our site. Such "recognition," after all, has its costs.

And few have borne those costs as brilliantly as David Neff.

A CT veteran with over 27 years of service, David has led as "capital e" editor (later editor in chief) for a dozen of those years. Through it all, David has embodied the theological preciseness and journalistic excellence that marks this magazine. And he has consistently done so with Spirit-led humility and fairness that have positioned him at the forefront of evangelical leaders.

The sheer weight and reputation of David's name is but one—albeit big—reason why I've asked David to redirect his attentions to the launch of our digital Hispanic edition of CT, Cristianismo Hoy. With the edition debuting in 2013, David is immersed in setting up editorial staff and structure, and finding funding dollars to ensure that Cristianismo Hoy has a long and healthy life.

David will also work with me on several partnership possibilities that can both strengthen CT's content and creatively see that that content reaches more international readers in the days ahead.

What all this means, of course, is that David's direct oversight of the flagship has come to an end. But waiting in the wings are two gifted leaders whose names are already well established with our readers.

Former senior managing editor Mark Galli is now CT editor. Meet Mark, and see why he said "Yes!" to this new role.

And working closely with Mark will be newly named executive editor Andy Crouch. Watch Andy share why it's a journalist's job to tell the truth.

This progressive "dyad" of Mark and Andy will not only build upon CT's editorial excellence but will also find new ways of delivering our award-winning content in print and through emerging online and digital formats.

Ensuring that the dyad's dreams see the light of day will be Katelyn Beaty as CT's new (and first female) managing editor. A five-year CT "vet," Katelyn has shown her colleagues time and again that she can tirelessly direct projects—such as This Is Our City and the successful Her.meneutics site—and bring them to timely completion, all with excellence. In this video, Katelyn explains what a "managing editor" is exactly.

So for all you masthead watchers, our new listing will prove to be a delightful treasure trove. You can see why I'm so excited about what's to come from this very talented new team, and I hope you are, too!

Harold Smith
President and CEO